Friday, October 23, 2009

Phinally, Your Own Anthem

Ladies and gentlemen, I happily introduce you to rapper NeeKo! He's on YouTube and it seems that this remake of Jay Z's Empire State of Mind is about to blow up. It's an instant classic for Philadelphia! NeeKo's lyrics in this track are dynamic...metaphors and punchlines that are chuckle inducing with assertions that spark pride.

I thought this song was necessary last week when I heard post game locker room interviews with Phillies players, while the original Jay Z homage to NYC played in the back ground. Philadelphia, here is your anthem.

With the Phillies continuing to make their run at a championship repeat, city and regional pride is growing, so pass this track on to anyone who will enjoy it.

They call him NeeKo. This is for my people! Ill state of mind everywhere that we go!


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OBC said...

This version is the greatest!

MVR Joe said...

Gotta love it.