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As of this writing there are just under 17 hours left to vote for the final spot on the MLB all star rosters. As you heard on tonight's game broadcast or saw on both teams' websites, the Phillies and Tigers are teaming up to merge their fans' votes to elect Shane Victorino and Brandon Inge. Click the image below to keep on voting!!

Need reasoning to vote for Shane? On the Phillies' current home stand, Shane is batting .464 (13-for-28) with 2 doubles, a triple, a homerun, 2 steals, 9 runs scored and 6 RBI.

Need reasoning to vote for Inge? Tigers fans are voting for our guy, so we're voting for their guy. No further details required.

**Thursday lunchtime update** reports that Bran-Torino is leading the final fan voting. Keep voting!

*Thursday evening update*

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tigers/Phillies alliance worked. Brandon Inge and Shane Victorino are all stars! Congratulations, Bran-Torino!

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Jay Floyd said…
I had to spend all my precious free minutes today voting for Bran-Torino!

Yeeaah, Shane!

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