Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Neighbors Still Be Talkin'

Phillies links for you today...

Rauuuul Ibanez placed on the DL....Mayberry Jr. recalled. Read about it here and here.

PhilliesFlow takes a look at some differences between how the team performs at home versus how they perform on the road.

The Shibe Times has a look at the new Harry Kalas book by Rich Wolfe.

We Should Be GM's has a comparison between Jamie Moyer and Adam Eaton.

Homeside News has a couple recent pictures of BlueClaws bubble gum pranks.

Long Drive: A Phillies Blog is not fond of Canada right now.

The Lakewood BlueClaws are hosting a blood drive on July 11th. Click here for details.

Lastly, check out my virtual lemonade stand and help raise money for ovarian cancer research by purchasing a virtual glass of lemonade or by opening your own stand. Thanks!

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