Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sportsdome Excerpt- Cancer Girl Hates David Wright

Comedy Central's new program Onion Sportsdome is a program that features fictional news stories with humorous twists. This week's episode included the tale of a young female cancer patient that loves the Phillies and hates rival third baseman David Wright.

Highlights of the clip include the young girl heckling Wright with an inquiry about his close relationship with a teammate and her wish that Wright would suffer with the same illness that she has.

The following mediocre quality video is part of a comedy program and includes some mature and objectionable content, so please consider that before viewing it or offering feedback about it.


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Roose said...

That is so wrong on so many levels but so freakin' hilarious at the same time. It was worth knowing I'm now going to hell for laughing at it.

Jay Floyd said...

Yeah, this was definitely funny. Much of the rest of the show was not entertaining at all.

Jay Floyd said...

Here is a link to a much MORE PROFANE (and better quality) version of the Wright piece.