Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victorino Has Network TV Guest Spot

This week Phillies All-Star outfielder made his acting debut on the CBS television network's Hawaii Five-O program. The part was small, but that didn't make things any easier for the man known as "The Flyin' Hawaiian". Victorino told Hawaii News Now that filming the show was more stressful than playing in the World Series.

...It's something that I'm not used to doing. Obviously, playing in the game, playing in the World Series, I played the game of baseball everyday as a kid. And I just saw it as another game. I didn't think, 'Okay, I'm playing in the biggest stage of my career or my life', but I just looked at it as playing another game. So, that definitely kept my nerves down, but I'm definitely a lot more nervous now. Trust me.

Check out video of Victorino's appearance below.


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