Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hanukkah weekend!

We're up to #2! This video is classic and would surely we worthy of top status, if the Phillies didn't do what they did this year. If that spoils the number spot for you, keep in mind that here at the Phoul Ballz, you should expect the unexpected.

Anyway, our #2 video is the all time classic prank played by Brett Myers and dozens of cooperatives on rookie Kyle Kendrick. Myers worked with Charlie Manuel, Ruben Amaro Jr, the media and teammates, during spring training, to convince Kendrick that he had been traded to Japan. Hilarity ensued, and the internet and national TV caught fire with prank-mania!



Happy Hannukah

"Happ Was IL All-Star Starter"

not Charlie Zink

Amanda said...

The Kendrick pranking was definitely a classic. That was awesome.

Jay Floyd said...

Hi, IronPigPen. I am not sure what your comment has to do with anything on the Phoul Ballz page recently...or ever...but thanks for checking out the site.