Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Support my coverage, become a patron

Have your heard of Patreon yet?  I hope so.  If not, it's simply a way for content creators to get paid for their creations by the people that enjoy it.

Since parting ways with a previous employer more than two years ago, in an environment where online ads are more difficult to come by, I have lost money doing the work on this site.  Genuinely, I have spent more on gas and tolls than I've collected from advertisers, thus it has cost me money to provide Phillies and prospect fans with the coverage they crave.

Over the years I have broken trades, organizational transactions as well as other news.  Additionally, I've had the opportunity to tell the stories of players that would otherwise not see the light of day.

I'd love to continue doing that and promoting all levels of the Phillies developmental system for you, the readers, but I prefer to do so without taking a financial hit. With your support, I can do that.  Otherwise, I'll have to consider retiring from the media game.

I've established a Patreon page where subscribers will get access to exclusive content...interviews, features, behind the scenes looks at the ball parks and more.  Other ideas to make patrons' access more valued include allowing them to ask the questions, via submissions to me, during select player interviews, monthly giveaways and if the PhoulBallz Podcast ever returns (my fingers are crossed), early or exclusive access to that.

If you've enjoyed content here over the years, you know the type of material to expect.  If you feel that's worth supporting, I am asking for $5 (or more, if you are inclined) per month.  The link is below.


If you would prefer to offer your support via other means like PayPal, toss an e-mail or direct message my way.

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